Wednesday, April 1, 2009

one more dragon WIP

Katy's a cheater! So for this painting I'm being really lazy. I printed out an image I'd drawn on the computer and ModPodged(glue) it to the canvas instead of tracing it or something. It's true, there will be some rippling and a noticeable paper edge in the final piece, but that's called texture! You can probably charge extra for that. Besides, I love this drawing and I want to be true to it. I'll need to remind myself later to paint back in the tail. I totally worked over it.

I realize I'm posting a lot of unfinished work, but I'm currently fascinated by the process. Flipping back through the photos is engrossing.

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SCIBOTIC said...

Happy April Fools. =D

Besides that though, just found your blog through sketchwich and I got to say it's cool seeing a creature artist rocking out with acrylic paints.

Post more please. :3