Monday, April 20, 2009

dragon painting wips

Is it just me or is red starting to look like Bilbo Baggins?

Spent some time pulling out highlights and details on the dragons tonight. I'm having difficulties with the images flattening. I always struggle with values, because what I really want to do is draw instead of paint. I think the line work I paint in to reinforce the details I want is what kills this. Because the linework is all the same value it doesn't go back and forth with the form the way it ought to. Not painting lines with such a dark color so evenly will probably solve this problem. Actually doing it, that's a completely different matter! Theory isn't very practical unless you think about it as you do it.

I guess I do tend to think of lines as being dark. In truth lines can be any color or value. I'll try to keep that in mind going forward.

We've got a bunch of blooming cherry trees near our place. I really love the sudden change between winter and spring in Seattle.

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