Monday, April 25, 2011

Smashing eggs, like in old country!

Spent a good portion of today eating halva and dyeing eggs at Tsveta's place. So many bad egg puns were made I'm surprised no one was hurt. She introduced us to the custom of smashing eggs to see who will be the healthiest and happiest in the coming year. Weilding Tsevta's blue pig egg James smashed my skull egg and my furry speckled rainbow egg, and proceeded to smash Matt's spaceship egg, then also smashed Tsveta's Russian egg. I wonder if they have to split the bounty at all?

Later I rolled up into a ball in Tsveta's nest chair and sleepily played Pokemon White while falling into a halva coma. Some sun came out and I felt so happy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

life drawings

Took a few photos of some recent large life drawings.
-charcoal and newsprint-

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A monster post!

I've been scrubbing my computers in a vain attempt to tidy up my files. I found a big folder of Guild Wars model shots from a number of years back and decided to post them just for the pun. Also, stumbling across these guys made me feel very sentimental and songs like Memories began floating into my brain.
Anyway, this is my day job!

Note that game models often go through multiple hands, so not all of these were 100% my work alone. I believe a couple were variants I worked on, but I'm forgetting who did what. Barry Sundt, Xia Taptara, Shawn Sharp, Jason Wiggin, Billy Wardlaw, and Jason Juan were partners in crime on the Guild Wars creature modeling team.
 For instance, I think Billy did the initial model for this rock elemental and I went in and created the snowy variant here.