Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick ZBrush Sculpt

I encountered some wonkyness while sculpting initially. I shrank the zbrush window to adjust my Pandora station and brought in a sphere for the eyeball. This made the head sculpt squish super flat. Oops! You can see me trying to figure out how to unflatten the poor guy.

I'm in the habit of modelling really sharp when I start out. After I get some good planes in there I like to start softening the model, bringing it back towards reality. Sometime I hope to finish something and you'll be able to see the whole process. I think all of the models on this site so far are just quick starts. Since I model all day I'd rather be drawing when I get home. I really ought to do something nice sometime. Tempted to do just a real good dino. I like them a lot...but I do see so many dinos online.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rawr! Cuatro sketchbooks for sale

I've got the new book online! 198 pages of sketching and learning over the past year. You can find copies of it directly on HERE. And also on HERE. If you buy through Amazon at least check out the Lulu preview, it has a better image selection.

If you happen to be in the Seattle area you can get in touch with me for a signed and sketched in copy. Just comment on the blog and I'll make that happen. I really like drawing stuff in them.

I'll also repost my book from last year, Rawr! Tres which has lots more animal design work and less life drawing. You can find that one HERE.

Monday, April 2, 2012

ECCC sketches

I think I just about destroyed my hand doing sketches at Emerald City this weekend. I did a whole bunch of on the spot commissions as well as drawing in every book I sold. Except for Albert's.(You know what you did Albert)

Here are a few of the sketches Trevor managed to get shots of before they began floating off into the ether.

Also, more bangin' tunes I've been jamming to.

 Los Twang! I dare you to find sexier guitar.

The Lumineers!

Can't go wrong with Talking Heads, nope.