Monday, April 2, 2012

ECCC sketches

I think I just about destroyed my hand doing sketches at Emerald City this weekend. I did a whole bunch of on the spot commissions as well as drawing in every book I sold. Except for Albert's.(You know what you did Albert)

Here are a few of the sketches Trevor managed to get shots of before they began floating off into the ether.

Also, more bangin' tunes I've been jamming to.

 Los Twang! I dare you to find sexier guitar.

The Lumineers!

Can't go wrong with Talking Heads, nope.


corinne said...

I want one! X3

Unknown said...

Amazing art like always! Thanks for being my booth buddy Katy!

Adam Watson said...

Hey, Katy! It was nice to meet you at the con! I wish I hadn't waited until the show was closing down to walk around and talk to folks. Perhaps we'll meet again around town. I hope the show treated you well!

Unknown said...

Those images you just posted are great! Diverse style and really fun...the cat is cute, don't fret. I really love the 2nd one, so much story happening with great personalities.

I've been packing your book within my bag the past few days for extra inspiration - its great

Katy Hargrove said...

Always Trevor!!

Adam we had a blast! I love meeting new people at the convention and talking shop.

Jake, you are totally embrassing me. So glad you like my work. :)

Patrick Ballesteros said...

You guys gonna be at San DIego Coimicon? WOuld love to pick up a sketchbook there if I can!

And by the way your sketches have a lot of life in them!

Daniel said...

Awesome posts ! Love the last one in this post ! ... and the first one, and the one in the middle and... argh

Kimbot said...

Eep! Okay, I'm a sucker for the charr babies, but that sylvari is rad, too. Your inks are so so good.

Katy Hargrove said...

Hi Patrick, no I won't be in San Diego. It's really hard to get a spot there.

Thanks Kim! I've been trying to bring my traditional inks up to snuff with my digital ones!