Monday, August 30, 2010

Guild Wars 2 Models

Some ambient creatures I worked on for Guild Wars 2.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Influence Map

Even though it was fun, I was a bit frustrated making this map. There are so many artists and groups and things beyond art that factor into what I really love and what pushes me. Especially at work. So much of who I am as a person and an artist is formed by the people who surround me day to day and night to night, they are the ones who inspire me the most, teach me, bring me peace, and being me joy.

In the end I decided to group my strongest influences presently and the strongest influences of the past, moving generally from older to newer. Damn, there is so much I left out it's not even funny. It is interesting to see that 2D is so predominant, even though I'm a sculptor by trade.

I can't believe Godzilla didn't make it in... ;_;

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


5x5 watercolor and pencil

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Posting all those lynx/bobcat designs reminded me of a show I'd forgotten about.

Anyone else remember Bonkers? I don't remember liking it a ton as a show, but I watched it a bunch because the animation was pretty awesome sometimes and I liked the characters. Something about that set of Disney tv shows really appealed to me. I think because the animation was a little more off the wall than the movies. Finding a safe place somewhere between Disney and Looney Tunes that I like.

I wish I knew more about the people and places that put together Darkwing Duck, Shnookums and Meat/Pith Possum, Aladdin, and Goof Troop. Other shows were also really good too, like Freakazoid, Animaniacs, Tazmania, and Eek the Cat. I feel like there was about a ten year period of really neat stuff on tv, that might have been kicked off a little with Duck Tails.

So much interesting history that I just don't know how to come by. Is is too soon to feel nostalgic?

batch eight gatos!

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not art

I write like
Vladimir Nabokov

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I guess I should read Lolita...

This is interesting to me because it is going to get me to read something I wouldn't have otherwise. I wasn't familiar with this author before, though I had heard of the movie Lolita. Reading a couple of excerpts from Nabokov's work online I really enjoyed what I came across. I'm surprised he wrote his first books in Russian then switched over to English later, I would have expected his writing to be less comfortable to read.

So perhaps there IS an online test worth taking.

Batch six, wolves!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

batch the fifth!

This batch was drawn late one night in the ship's library. Just a stream of thought comic based on whatever the first panel was. I was listening to Stereo Total at the time and then lots of Shins.
Where the thumbnails begin it is the next day, making tiny bits of Alaska.

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