Monday, November 11, 2013

Old 3D Stuff

Oh yeah, just wanted to say, I draw a lot. Like, a lot a lot. That isn't my job though. This is what I do all day. Get on my zbrush sculpting, model it up in Max or Maya, retopo in Topogun, bake it out in Xnormal, paint it up, and export the whole mess into a video game! I love the whole process of making art assets. That does include some concept work, but I like all the things too much to get boxed in to one job for long. Besides, retopologizing is the perfect time to watch cartoons! Adventure Time all day dudes!

I took these shots without much lighting, which would have shown the normal maps off pretty good, but I wanted to show off the painting more so. I may try to Marmoset these later to show you some beefier images. 

CTNX 2013

Hey guys! I'm super excited to be exhibiting at CTNX 2013. It all happens this coming weekend in Burbank. I'll be at table 94 selling sketchbooks, drawing monsters, and jawing your ears off about modeling for video games. Swing by and ask me anything! 13 years of game experience means I've likely got some stories to share. Anddddddddddddddd I've got a blank page in the convention sketchbook that is there for me to draw you some kind of sweet critter too. 

Also, there is a high probability to see guest paintings by Peter Clarke