Friday, April 1, 2011

Riddle Me This, Internet.

I really really want to know if the animator(s) on Rabbit worked on Darkwing Duck. The movement is so familiar. Maybe it's just the side teeth peeping through, but I got a hunch about it!


Bobby Pontillas said...

Eric Goldberg!

How do you like this ? I love his work , but IMO I feel like these shots of rabbit seem way overanimated. Too many gestures, an big accent for every single beat, he never stops moving so to the performance comes off cluttered. I do LOVE the way piglet is animated though! Such great poses and timing.

The comparison to darkwing is interesting though , I need to watch those again !

Katy Hargrove said...

Yeah I agree, it makes me want to know a bit more about what is happening. I feel out of context because I don't know enough, some history I need to place in the puzzle. The Rabbit character was always a bit of a nervous guy, but the Pooh world is so mellow he never came off as edgy/agitated as he does in this clip. I think it's that quick nervous movement that conjures up the memory of Darkwing.