Friday, April 17, 2009


This I must have watched a 1000 times. I'd force people to rent it for me at BlockBuster or Turtles or Varsity Video. It's aaaallll about the diving otter, the race between the lion and the goat("Is this someone's twisted idea of strategy?!!!"), and the duel between the warthog and the falcon. Plus you can not argue with the sweet graphics and music! Also, it's a great video for character design. Really strong animal-human mixups used correctly to convey character.

Part 4 at 3:18 wait for the dancing alligator, you shall smile!
Part 4 at 7:05 Rene's song is wonderful and sad. Maybe it's sappy, but effective.
Part 7 1:12 I get fucking dream chills! Down, down, down, water, water, water!
Part 9!! :50 The Contessa! I love her, I love the hog, it's all great.

Another favorite. Fantastic story and character design. I hate the butterfly so much. Every time his scene comes on I cringe. I think the music is really strong too. It's a thoughrough world. Part 3 5:10 The Harpy is one of the best creatures ever.


SCIBOTIC said...

I really do need to watch The Last Unicorn again, my cousin had it on vhs and it was always one hell of a psychedelic trip for me as a kid.

I don't mind the butterfly, it'd be a problem if his screen time wasn't so short anyway.

About the Animalympics though, it just looks incredibly bizarre... Seriously recommend watching it?

Katy Hargrove said...

It depends on what you are watching it for. As a movie it's kinda okay. Much of the animation is really quite fun and surprisingly well done. The design of it is entertaining and there are lots of little gags. I enjoy the music, but I'm into the somewhat cheesey kind. I can't recommend this movie to everybody, but if you like creature design and animation I think it's well worth your time.

The Last Unicorn is just a good movie! It's one on my must own list.