Sunday, April 5, 2009

ECCC Recap

Emerald City was really amazing this year! I could be wrong, but it seemed like it grew twice as large in floor space and attendance. Kristen and I had a lot of fun talking with everyone, and I enjoyed the commissions I took. Though those still make me nervous. I don't really value my own work enough to price it properly, especially on the spot, but drawing it is quite fun. All kinds of potentially bizarre requests of things I don't normally try to draw. That's neat! I really appreciate the encouragement Gene gave us about the Lost Fox painting and on trying out a story for it. Lots of friends stopped by and we had really excellent fun Saturday evening. :) Getting home at 3am was a little unpleasant, but well worth the sleep sacrifice. Chris and Kevin were there selling wares which was rad! Can't wait for the release of Yuki and to see what they unleash on us in San Diego later this year. We had some Guild Wars fans come by and it was excellent chatting about the game with them. I'm no pro at it myself. I've only conquered 2 1/2 campaigns! Also it was neat remeeting many of the vendors from the last shows we participated in. I'm a little shocked at the instantaneous camaraderie, but happy.

I think my favorite spot in the show was Octopus Pie which is hi-larious. I didn't expect that artist to be here. No hard bound version of Castle Waiting Book 2 yet. Hopefully in a year. Sigh. I did not get a ECCC Mike Mignola print which I'm bummed about. A. I love his work and B. I love the Fremont Troll with all my little black heart.

-Also, we are Hella signed up for next year!-

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