Thursday, April 2, 2009

dragon and fennec WIPs

Mostly did a lot of highlights and color washes tonight. Seems pretty efficient to work on multiple paintings at once, especially if you factor in dry time. There is less interruption if you just want to sit down and paint. It's hard to start putting color into the highlight layer because I start to really like what I've got down. It's scary to move further into color because you are kind of destroying the thing you just worked on in a way. Also, color gets kind of complicated and you have to start holding the image of what you want in your brain a little tighter. If you lose it, you fuckin' lose it.

I went beyond yellow on the fennec image. Oops. I'll make it up later hopefully. I really want a dusty feel to that one. Another sepia wash might get it back into range.

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belly said...

I really like that nose on the dragon, your style is wonderful. Oh, how I'd love to watch a video of your painting much like the videos of your 3d modeling!