Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inspiration: Favorite Animated Character?

Oookay. That's a hard one guys. I'm going to have to answer this with a short list.

Most Influential in this order:
Donald Duck
The Genie
Earthworm Jim
Alan-A-Dale (the rooster)
Prince John
The Great Owl (half way in)
Darkwing Duck
Jurassic Park (this is the best part)
The Dragon from Unico (daaaaaaaaah!)

Current Favorites:
The Genie
Iroh (apologies!)
Lucario (couldn't find a good clip that wasn't a music video, but this one is pretty good)
Captain K'nuckles

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SCIBOTIC said...

I really do need to check out Secret of Nimh though, I never got to see it as a kid but the animation looks so damn ace.

Stop giving me so much stuff to watch! I'll never get anything done at this rate. D: