Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Art Table Stats

Here's the business:

1 in buttons 2 for 1 buck
extra large prints 15 bucks
large prints 10 bucks
standard prints 5 bucks
mini prints 2 bucks
mini paintings 12-15 bucks
sketchbooks 10 bucks
papercraft cds 10 bucks

Table Share 88 bucks
Paper and Ink for prints 100 ish bucks
(I didn't need to pay for extra things like pens and displays because I had them from last year.)

About 322 bucks
Profits after taxes and expenses 104 bucks
I think my guts grew by +2. It's fucking scary running a table.

Compare that to last year with the same wares.
Intake 2007:
456 bucks
Profit of 334 bucks

If you count things like food expenses and time I'm probably in the red so to speak. The Emerald City Comicon is a 2 day event with a pretty sizable crowd. We had a table in the back corner that actually had excellent foot traffic. I had plenty of sales, but my wares are quite inexpensive. Not much profit all in all, but then, that's not really why I'm there to begin with. Forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations that you MUST deal with can be a good way to grow. Kristen's influence has been very positive for me. If you'd met me even five years ago you might not recognize me today. Nobody believes I'm shy anymore when I tell them how skiddish I really am. Learning to be a real human is a long process. Getting too comfortable, that's a dangerous thing. Risk is worth every moment.

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