Sunday, May 10, 2009

Work Flow Play List

There's a time for thinking and there's a time for doing. If you really have to think about something music will destroy your concentration. You can't plan properly with it without wasting a lot of time. I once claimed otherwise, when I was truly addicted to television and music. I even thought I couldn't draw with out those things on at one point. You really can't find clarity with music or video going.

However, once you know your plan and it's time to crank out some labor, music can focus you like nothing else. It can make something you don't normally enjoy into something you look forward to. Rewarding the task.

I took a look at my work play list and was a bit surprised at the lack of diversity considering the variety and amount of music I have access to. Prepare to be appalled, because this is what makes my blood flow in order of most played:

Electric Light Orchestra (prettiest song in the universe)
Justin Timberlake
Daft Punk
The Ditty Bops
The Muppet Show
William Shatner
Ben Folds (you'd best crank up your volume)
Into The Woods
My Fair Lady
The Beastie Boys
Les Baxter
Tom Glazer

At this point Itunes degrades into random singles, the top one having been played 225 times.

The Sore Feet Song 225
Creep 114
You can call me Al 91
Kodachrome 33
Silly Love Songs 27
The Wind 20
Decatur 19
Bananaphone 17 ( I like the Rhonda Vincent cover best)
Holiday for Strings 15
Linda Linda 11 (I can't speak Japanese but I can fake it with this song, karaoke anyone?)

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