Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspiration: Obscure and Under Appreciated

There is A LOT of animation out there. I never thought there'd be a day when I'd be overwhelmed by the quantity of it, but it's here, has been here. It can be interesting trying to sift through some of it. So much good and so very much bad. It's not black and white either. Sometimes the animation is really wonderful, but the premise it's wrapped around is the pits. Or the execution of story and timing is great, but the animation itself is bottom tier. Or more often both are middle of the road and unloved. Sometimes it's just undermarketed gold, or poorly marketed, or even buried.

Anyways, I really like these movies, shows, and shorts. Some of them got a bum deal. Others are great, but maybe still a bit obscure. Maybe the awful commercials prevented you from ever watching it. Some you guys might know and simply forgot about. Some are BAD, well maybe most are, but I can't help loving them.

Caveman Hey Trevor, can this be your next bbq movie please? :D It's got ladies and dinosaurs!
The Valley of Gwanji
Cats Dont Dance
Home on the Range If you can get through the first quarter it's awesome
The Brave Little Toaster
Treasure Planet Contrary to the commercials this isn't a tutorial about skateboarding and eating Gogurt and also isn't poopy Titan A. E.
The Wild The first couple minutes of this movie are cool as hell. It's all crazy and stop motion looking. Forget the rest unless you want to ruin the name Ryan for yourself.
Dinosaurs! One time I thought I was finally turning into a dinosaur, but it was just a scaly rash.
The Thief and the Cobbler
Sam and Max Yes it had a cartoon!
Rocko's Modern Life
Belle And Sebastian
David The Gnome
The Little Prince I dare you to not laugh at the intro music.
Mysterious Cities of Gold
Future Boy Conan Did Miyazaki just reuse this over and over for every movie?
Watership Down I could read this and watch this over and over forever. Kiaaaaaarrr!
The Plague Dogs
The Cat Came Back
Unicorns vs Narwhals I am a huge fan of the shorts coming out of animation schools. Great stuff!
Count Duckula Blud!!!
Adventures of the Little Koala
Super Ted
The Raccoons
Eek The Cat
Road Rovers
Grim's Fairy Tale Classics
Popeye meets Sinbad The 2d over 3d backgrounds always fascinated me.

There's bunches more. I'll probably do a second post with em later. Sorry it kind of turned into a things I liked from the 80's post.

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