Monday, May 18, 2009

Dragon and Dog WIP

I think I was able to push to a happier spot tonight. Thanks for the support Doug and Trev! I want it to be done, but I think there is still more to do. Dang if I know what.

I defined the scales more with color details and outlines to get rid of some of the blurriness I complained about before. Lightened the bg behind the dog to separate the values and make him stand out better. Painted in green areas and defined plants with some yellows. Drew in a couple details with sharpie and added highlights.

The dragon looks hungrier than I like for the image, but maybe that's okay. A little bit of conflict is usually a positive. People care more when danger is about. Plus the care free expression of the dog is probably strong enough to keep it out of the scary territory. Is the dog retarded? Is he messing with the dragon intentionally? What's going on here?

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