Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dragon and Dog WIP

Using off white browns and yellows I added a bunch of light patches that I will wash over with color later. I'm trying to give some areas more dimension. It looks nasty, but should work. This sort of thing is scary to do. I honestly really liked the way it looked with just the washes, but I also know it will never seem finished if I leave it that way. It's odd fighting to break out of what you like in order to try to do more. It's risky, but could pay off later.

If I blur my eyes on the final image I can see that the contrast is a lot more intense than it was earlier. This is great. If I don't blur my eyes I just see lots of messy white lines because I'm focusing on the lines too much. This is a decent way of changing your perception of what you have worked on. It pushes your brain away a bit so you can think more clearly. Also, I hold the painting by a mirror to see if there are proportion errors. I've tried to pull the right side of the dragons head out a bit more, but I think I have to live with the off parts not being quite there. Lazy? Maybe.

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