Sunday, May 31, 2009

automata WIP

Spent a little time today doing paper planning for a griffin automata. I'd like to carve this out of wood or something later. You can do most of the planning in 2d before transferring it to a 3d medium. Heavy card stock and brads are good for this. I like that it looks like a shadow puppet in this stage. I've been having fun wiggling him around.

I got a decent leg prototype moving around(It's old school IK!). I need to lock the range of motion on a couple of the joints though, so the joints don't flip backwards. That's easy to do. You can see the little piece of brown paper on the upper thigh that I used to lock the knee in place.

I included the first round of notes that have rough ideas of what I need to do. There are a lot of sliders and more 3 dimensional rotations that I haven't put thought into yet. I want him to have a really nice gait that isn't restricted to a single plane.

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