Sunday, March 29, 2009

painting WIP

I've had a bunch of painting supplies for years and years. I've used them a little for small things here and there. Generally though I hate painting. It takes forever and you have no idea when you are done. I don't even like painting in Photoshop, which is relatively painless. Emerald City is next week and I need to have anything I want for it done pretty much this weekend. I got really agitated a few hours ago and grabbed one of the boards from the back room. I said, fuck you gesso board, I am painting on your face! I didn't know what the hell I was going to put on it though. Instead of doing the smart thing and making some thumbnails I just kinda sat staring at the board for a long time. I guess I should put something dragony on it... Those are easy. Eh, I don't really want to deal with wings, but now the sort of awesome part about being a dragon is gone. Maybe somebody is riding one? Well... I drew a few things I like a lot, except now it's just a dragon standing there...Kinda boring. I don't really want to change what I drew though. Okay then, they must have stopped, maybe the guy is lost. Sure. I'm feeling uncertain too fella. Not much in the way of composition... Oh well, lets do this. A few hours later and I'm feeling okay about the beginnings of this. I'll work in some planes to separate the back, mid, and foregrounds next. Then I have to think about color. That is scary to think about, so I'm just not til I get there. By the way, putting that first paint wash over pencils is scary as hell. The speckly texture in the paint comes from really old hair spray I used as a fixative in the hopes the pencil wouldn't just melt away with the paint. It worked fine as long as I didn't get too much water on any spot for too long, and I like the speckles.

This is my fancy workspace next to Taz and the bookshelf. I do have a desk...but desks suck. I'd rather just move around, so the desk becomes storage space. I get a lot of paint in the carpet.There's something nice about paint in the carpet.

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