Monday, March 30, 2009

fox WIP

Final Image

I popped out the legs, pushed back the head, and increased the color and contrast on the fox. I did a green and blue wash on the bottom of the image and a little around the edges. I should probably work on this some more but I'm hitting that over working point. My shapes are becoming stiffer and stiffer. :( I may come back later, but in general I'm gonna call this done. I metioned this earlier, but this point right here, this is why I hate painting.

On another note, I listened to this 46 times in a row.
A winner is me?


Bobby Pontillas said...

Awesome Katy! This looks fantastic!

Doug Williams said...

I am thoroughly and entirely jealous right now. That painting is awesome. I'm totally going to pick your brain when you get into work. That or I'll go old school and just eat your brain to gain your wisdom.