Saturday, March 21, 2009

dragons and kelp stalker

Matt and I were musing over octopus and squid designs, for current Earth and a no land creatures yet Earth. I liked this one the most from what I came up with and actually drew. The Kelp Stalker! It finds pads of floating seaweed and eats creatures attracted to the seaweed pad. It's tentacles look like curled up weed and change color. It hangs out with it's eyes swiveling above the surface of the water waiting to snatch up birds. Primarily carnivorous it will feed on most any living edible thing that makes it's way to the weed patch. The thought was that this was a good stepping stone to get them onto land, also that it would just be straight creepy and I wouldn't swim in the ocean with that kind of thing around.

B-Day card for my Uncle John.


EraserFoot said...

Those dragons are great!

elji said...

i love your works,they are realy graet.