Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dragon Dreams

It's pretty late. Been drinking, been drawing, daylight savings is robbing me of sleep again. Time for some ramblings, as is the nature of the hour.

This guy, he's from high school. 9th/10th grade. Something like that. For many years growing up I believed in dragons and dinosaurs as things that were hidden in people. If you could focus on that part of you, you could call it to the surface. I think the idea sort of came from the movie Monster Maker(5:16), sort of.

I had a dream many times that I was a howling dragon falling through the sky, screaming it's lungs out. I never breathed fire, blood maybe. Sometimes the dream would simply end mid fall. There was no ground, just gravity. Other times, if the dream went on, I'd roar into the school yard, landing and laughing, and calling out. I dreamt that if I were a dragon people would like me. In a way, I guess I dreamt of being happy scaly playground equipment. Usually, when I woke up I'd start crying because it wasn't true. Or rather, I thought it was true, and couldn't understand why the world was false.

When I think back to those dreams, I'm a little sad I don't have them anymore. Though, if there is any meaning, it must be that I'm happy enough now to not have them.


gonzales said...

Thanks for the shout! Your Drawings rule!!!
Drinking and drawing always go well......sometimes. hahah

adrin said...

Hey Katy i think ur incredibly talented and thank you so much for creating the asura, my wife loves them sooo much.