Sunday, March 6, 2011

ECCC Table Stats 2011

I think information about the business end of art, even the poor record I keep, should be open for others to know about. Outside of commercial art it's kinda rough out there making a living. Well, maybe I'm just bad at it (likely). Anyway, have a peek!

Here's the business: 

1 in buttons Fitty cents
red dragon prints 20 bucks
mini octopus prints 5 bucks
super mini prints 2 bucks
sketchbooks tres 20 bucks
sketchbooks dos 10 bucks

Artist Alley Table 187 bucksish (I paid for it last year and don't remember exactly the price)
100 Sketchbooks 836.49
Postcards 103.11
Scanning 200
(I didn't need to pay for extra things like pens, business cards, and displays because I had them from last year.)
Total 1326.60

Intake: 1145 bucks
Minus Sales Tax Total 1041.1 
Loss of 181.6

I'm in the RED! Plus next year I will get hit for additional income tax as well.
I came real close though. Keep in mind I'm not including expenses like parking and food yet. Since I only do one convention a year I don't itemize my taxes. Probably a financial mistake, but a hassle I can live with for now. Go go day job!

Compare this year to previous years with similar wares.

Intake 2010:
997 bucks
Loss of 38.56 bucks

Intake 2009:
322 bucks
Profit of 104 bucks

Intake 2007:

456 bucks
Profit of 334 bucks

Interesting that I take in more money each year, but am financially less successful every time. The failure seems to compound annually so far too. Not that the convention is about financial success, but it would be nice.


Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

very interesting Katy! Any tips on making things cost effective?

Joshua Smeaton said...

I run into the same problem. I really enjoy doing them though so I kind of have the mind set it's like a vacation where I'm paying to do something fun. But I sure do look forward to the day I start making money at them.