Sunday, March 6, 2011

ECCC 2011

Trevor over at Kraken Studios took this rad photo while I was rescued by Spiderman. What are the odds!

The Seattle con this year was amazing. It felt like a condensed version of the the Sand Diego convention. Large enough to be on the verge of over stimulating, but small enough to be personable and super rad. I wasn't at the same table as my friends this year so I was fairly nervous about the convention, but then I met so many wonderful  people! I talked so much I forgot to drink and eat. I must be better about that aspect in the future. Dehydration is no ones friend. A few people compared my work to some artists I admire which was very kind of them and I was flattered to the point of embarrassment. I was pretty busy and didn't make it to see as much of the show as I would have liked, but I did obtain some prints from Chris Turnham, Kevin Dart, Brittany Lee, and the coolest sketches ever from Derek Monster and Doug TenNapel. I was hoping to glimpse William Shatner, but never had the opportunity. I love me some Boston Legal. I had plenty of coworkers, friends, even a few Guild Wars fans who managed to track me down, stop by and that was elevating and joyful. Many many costumes passed by my table and I loved each and every one. A: Having the guts to wear a costume in public is ballsy even in the relative blanket of the con and, B: making a costume is whole art unto itself and varies wildly from theme to theme. More happened than I can really relay at the moment, my brain is pretty fried, but it was so fantastic. If you missed attending this year try not to miss 2012. It's so much fun!

Heck, just hang outside the convention for free an watch the awesome costumes parade by. :)

More art posts soon I promise!

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