Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ECCC sketch

I did this sketch for a couple of great guys over at Sofawolf Press. I didn't bring a camera with me so most of the creatures I drew are undocumented, but Trevor snapped a quick shot of these critters before they headed off on their adventure. I wish I had a picture of this book's cover because it was a gorgeous graphic image of a running fox and wolf. Reminded me very much of the background images in Samurai Jack.


Ian said...

Hi Katy,

You drew a sketch for me on Friday I liked so much that I came back and got one for my friends! I'll find a scanner somewhere in the Udistrict later, but here is a picture of the first for the record. It's grainy and iphone-y, but: picture!

Katy Hargrove said...

:D Awesome Ian! Thank you for sending me a picture.

Tim said...


Nice meeting you at Emerald City! Just wanted to let you know that the podcast is up:

Tim Young