Sunday, January 2, 2011


My current tool set. 
I use the Pilot, Lamy, and Kuretake the most. 

The last two, you could argue are excessive, but they feel balanced in the hand, draw well, and last a long time. You can replace the brush tip on the Kuretake, giving it great longevity. I've used lots of brush pens, but they haven't lasted too long in my meaty paws. I do like abused brush pens for grimy texture. The Kuretake is holding up well so far and the brush tip remains consistent and smooth.

Also, there is a cool product called sugru if you want to make a custom drawing grip that feels great and can be removed.

I love these skinny little cashier moleskin notebooks. The pages are perforated and can be torn out easily. If they are too big you can cut them up to fit in your pockets. 

The Studio Goods sketchbook is wonderful. It opens FLAT! Beyond being well made, you can scan this sketchbook without the crappy warped seams appearing. No more crushing my scanner to get a clean image. :) Also, it is bound with string. You can snip the strings and remove all the pages with zero harm done. My only complaint is that markers bleed readily through the paper, but I don't use markers much. Plus when bleeds do happen I just draw fun creatures from the bleeding shapes.

Also, also, if you want to get into serious drawing tool trouble Matt sends people here.

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