Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!! and trip sketches

James and I went to Costa Rica(will post pics later). James drew a ton, but I didn't, I needed to look at the world around me too much. However, I got super inspired by the gold figurines found in the country, the cloud forests, fellow travelers, Riki Tiki Tavi, AND by Felo Garcia's artwork. I saw a show of his work at the Bank Museum in San Jose and it really amazed me. Such wonderful sensibilities!

I keep drawing people, trying to caricature them. I like what I draw, but, well, I worry the people I'm drawing will catch me doing it. If they see what poor portrayal they have inspired, what corruption I've accomplished... I'm bad at capturing the person, but not too bad at pulling out a character. I fear making someone very sad, that what I do might be taken as a reflection of their actual appearance. I wonder sometimes though, if I showed the drawing to them what the actual reaction might be. I have no eyes for human beings, but hope to develop them. I can get pretty jealous of people who are good at portraits. People like people. It's a fact.


Casey G. said...

I think you do just fine with people. Because your love is monsters/animals you bring something different and edgy to your human characters.

It is scary to get caught when drawing people. Although, sometimes I will show people on purpose. You figure you will never see the person again and most of the time you haven't really done anything terrible to them. Think about how much people like getting caricatures of themselves. However, the same train of thought that you have goes through my head too.

Love the exercise of drawing a face from a glance then exaggerating it from there. Look forward to seeing more.

Katy Hargrove said...

I like your positivity Casey!