Monday, January 10, 2011

Costa Rica trip album... AKA I like pigeons.

Costa Rica was so cold! But still wonderful. Tons of wildlife, forest, rainbows, great food, ... a destruction derby... Captions mostly aren't on the images yet and about three quarters in everything turns into pigeons. A lot of pigeons. :) I mostly was not doing much photography this trip so a lot of the highlights aren't really represented. Like stumbling around in the dark with flashlights listening to screaming coatis and avoiding tarantulas and tree dwelling vipers.


Robin Hall said...

WOW WOW, Katy! You went to Costa Rica as well?

I -LOVED- it! I went in April a few years ago. The only time it was cold was when we were in Monteverde, I think it got down to about 8 at night.

:D You are so lucky! love the pictures

Katy Hargrove said...

We were up in Monteverde for most of the trip. The term cloud forest should have been a tip off that it would be cold. :)

San Jose was warmer, but still not super warm.

So close to Jurassic Park though!

Did you see any quetzals while you were there? I wasn't able to find any sadly.