Sunday, September 20, 2009

T. Rex head ZBrush sketch

About 30 minutes.
I mainly use clay tubes and chisel to sculpt. Very quick and friendly.

Years ago there were some really cool PSAs featuring a dinosaur and a saber toothed cat used to get kids to brush their teeth. I really liked that dinosaur's head shape, so this one is based loosely on that memory. I think Warner Bros animation may have produced them, because they looked much like Tiny Toons or Animaniacs.


Nori Tominaga said...

lol, katy this is great! I gasped when you whipped out the square brush and began to look like scales. very cute

Boostmetal said...

I think I remember those dinos. Didn't they feature in a PSA about wearing mouthguards while biking and/or skateboarding? In any case, fine sketch (maquette?) you've made here.

Katy Hargrove said...

Thanks Nori!

Boostmetal, yes that is the same series! I forgot about the mouth guard one. I think maybe there was one other one about saving your tooth so the dentist can put it back in if oyu act quick as well.

Jriverol said...

you gonna do the rest of the body or is this just fuckin around?

Katy Hargrove said...

I might add a body, but really I'm just dinking around in ZBrush.

Zav said...

Oh my, you just made my day. I totally forgot about this software. Now I can't put it out my mind, I have to try it too >w<
I love the head you made :)