Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tim the Charr gets a Xmas outfit

During the 2008 PAX a very special creature was given to ArenaNet by Purple Llama,
Tim the Charr!

A few months ago Lisa dropped hints my way that Mr. Tim could use some holiday spirit. I couldn't resist trying my new sewing skills out, and it also seemed like an excellent beginning clothing design project. I stuck around late at work and took all kinds of measurements and drew little diagrams. Then I began construction of a costume that I hoped would fit him when I finally brought it in. It was sort of an accident, but I like that the final outfit looks a bit Dervishy.

Tim the Charr gets ready for Wintersday!

Now that I'm all warmed up, maybe I will try doing some cosplay. :) I've always wanted to enter the Masquerade at the San Diego Comicon.

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Bradley Farless said...

I knew the word "charr" looked familiar. I had to look it up. I used to play Guild Wars quite a while ago. The outfit looks nice! You have many talents! You work at Arena Net? That's neat.