Sunday, July 13, 2008


I've been drawing Bob a bit, which led me to start drawing some bunnies and deer, components of Bob. Here is a head sheet. Me trying to refresh myself with his structure. His eyes are smaller than I used to draw them. I should dig up some of the older drawings and put together an evolution. He was really...floppy? in appearance back in his youth. If anyone out there ever wondered, the style I draw Bob in is my natural style. It's what I'm the most comfortable with. Many worlds were created with it and a lot of stories too(bad bad bad stories that I still cling to).

I noticed that it is kind of hard not to revert to trying to draw Bambi characters when drawing deer. I think partly due to a pretty good resemblance to real deer in the first place. These guys were more successful attempts at breaking away from that. Hooray brush pen!

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Bobby Pontillas said...

Man! Behold the majesty of that bottom stag! So awesome!