Wednesday, November 7, 2007

me and mah scanner had a little one on one

Some simple ink sketches from the coffee joint over the weekend. I've been watching too much Miami Ink...<-_->
Also, even though the general layout is pretty standard, I like bringing new ideas to the dragon table. I have one in my head that appeared slightly in the top drawing of a chinese celtic french dragon blend. The head isn't what I was going for, but the rest of the body details were shaping up into something I generally like. I decided to try to design a dragon I would actually consider getting a tattoo of, though I wouldn't get one...I'd change my mind too fast!
I started making clean sketches on 6x6 paper recently that I'm saving up over the next few months. A friend and I are going to try and hit up some artist alley booths. I've never done one before, it's sort of scary to think about.

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