Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guild Wars: Eye of the North

Some Asura concepts before they became the cute little devils they are. I was hoping for Tapir creatures. ^_^

Designs for Asura NPCs and Vekk. I drew directly over a model made by Scott Albaugh. I had alot of fun with these guys. :D
Some models of Skelk. I love their grumpy faces.

Parrot Tengu!
These weird things are imbedded in the ground so their geoemtry is extended down so they look planted. It also means I was cheap on the texture and so I mirrored then stretched it. I really like the way the textures turned out.

Mr. Pinchy Bird!

This guy is a spirit and has a special effect on his body that animates across him. You can see a line of it running along his wings.
Early Coatl concepts.

When this creature is killed the baby frog hops off his head.

Chupacabra! Rawr! Later renamed as one of the Skelk.

More Coatl concepts.


Bobby Pontillas said...

awesome work as always katy!

Carlin said...

Wow.. so cool! xD
I love being able to get a chance to all the detail and faces of the creatures. In-game you're moving around and fighting too much to get to pause for a bit and appreciate all the small artistic details that went into it.
Great work! <3

Andrew Glazebrook said...

WOW !!! All really awesome work !!!