Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wolves 3

Refining character, trying to push the read clearer to focus on the eyes and cheek zone. 
Chose to go with a ruffian personality.

If I've been refining with a character facing one direction too long I will often flip the way I'm drawing it during the process. This helps shake off cobwebs in the brain and let you focus on what is important. It is really easy to get stuck in paths you've taken previously. Also, I tend to start from skinny light lines and if I've been doing that awhile will switch up to negative shapes, again to shake off cobwebs. 

In the last image I lost my little hairdo that I was having fun with, but you can still feel it in the shape of the negative space.

I'm done with this exercise for now, but if I were to continue I'd probably take that last image and do some proportion tweaking on it. Making the neck area longer, and balancing the shape of the fur ruff under the chin with the outer fur.

Extra things: The final wolf head is not my favorite. It lacks the noodly little things that I geek out about. This also means it is much cleaner though, and people who aren't me will probably like it a lot more because they get what it's about. It reads and itsn't as bizarre, isn't as niche. *cough* Isn't as fun.

I don't usually put this much thought into my drawings. My general state is brainstorming and making dick jokes, not refining. Left to my own devices I just doodle randomly and never take the characters further. If I did character design for a living I probably would be putting lots more time after the fact. My day job as a character modeler means I am at the tail end of character refinement all the time, so doodling is lots more fun than the feeling of taking work home with me. That said I really really should practice more at refining my own ideas and get mo' betta' at painting. It would expand my mind as an artist and step back from being as much a skilled craftsperson. One of the big challenges in life is too many interests. Building things is as awesome as designing them, but if you have to do it all it is waaaaaay way too much work. It's rad to work in groups and get lots done in the same amount of time that I could to make a single thing.

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Andrea Femerstrand said...

These latest posts were so inspiring! Why the hell isn't anyone commenting?! :O

Keep it up :)

Are you going to CTNx this year? I can't make it this time :c