Friday, February 15, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Boss Zhaitan


robertb said...

this came out great!

Robert brown said...

this came out great Katy.

Rochelle Torres said...

Most of those people have returned back to other games, some due to the lack of cohesive strategies because of the lack of clearly defined player roles and the added complexity that creates when deciding group composition, some left because of the lack of any sort of automated Looking for Raid functionality (A way of bringing groups of players together in order to run through group dungeon content through an automated queue process). The requirement to have your player stand at the door or in town shouting your desire to run through a particular dungeon like a street beggar brings back memories of the WoW of 5 years ago that most gamers were glad to be rid of. Some have left because of the endless grinding (Grinding is an expression that describes the endless repetition that you are forced to endure in order to incrementally improve various in-game talents or skills that improve your player's capabilities) required to build up crafting skills making things that no other gamer wants (yes, there is a trading and buying/selling system in these type of games) and are for the most part worthless to anyone until you have maxed out your crafting skills. (for casual players who don't dedicate every waking moment to these pursuits, this can take a month or more to achieve)

Guild Wars 2