Saturday, May 7, 2011

fun song

Heard this song at life drawing today and DUG it. Surprised to find out it was the Kinks!

Seattle keeps pretending like winter is finally over and then pulling the wool over my eyes. The plants are into it, but it's still cold. I've been drawing plenty lately, but most of it has been work related doodling. You'll see the results eventually in GW2. I'll try to get some not so secret work up here soon, maybe even today.

I'm trying to live like summer is here even if the weather is faking me out. Tea, beer, buddies. Getting outside and keeping the brain and body busy. Remembering to take naps in a sunny spot, but not letting all the light go to waste.

A simple, surprisingly entertaining board game is Hopla. I picked this up a couple weeks back and LOVE it.


Sniff said...

if your ever interested in more great kink sounds try the album Lola vs. powerman. its so good!

Sniff said...

i meant songs no sounds..hah