Sunday, December 5, 2010

everything I drew this weekend

I draw A LOT more than I ever post. I hate the process of scanning images out of sketchbooks. Hate it. This is everything from this weekend, unedited except for a contrast balance and cleaning up the crummy grey seams in the middle of the sketchbook. Unedited life drawing is intimidating to show, but there you go.

Don't know how closely anyone out there follows this thing, but you may have noticed I don't draw so many creatures anymore. I've been trying to push at my weak points, people, landscapes, buuuuildings...yuck...
Though, I've actually liked the process so far. I have a long way to go, but drawing thumbnails, doing some life drawing, and making caricatures of people has become surprisingly invigorating and not as frustrating as I'd imagined. I want to stop saying, oh I don't draw that, I don't like those things. Learning can be a pain, but it also makes me more interested in things too, very cool. I'm so happy and lucky to have lots of teachers and motivated artists around me!

The life drawing from these images happened at the Gage's annual art jam, which is one of the coolest things ever. The second coolest thing ever is meeting people there and stumbling upon awesome artwork. I got to watch Peter draw a bit which was a fantastic experience. Check out his blog here:
Thanks for introducing me Dave!


Bas Cahuzak Amsterdam, Netherlands said...

the dino's made me lol XD

Jriverol said...

now i can look at toes and think of boobies like in the 5th drawing in this post..thanks kaaatttyyyy