Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sketchbooks now for sale online!

My 2009 sketchbook Rawr! Dos is now available for purchase online at Indy Planet. The sketchbook consists of 148 pages of black and white illustrations and costs 15 bucks.


Elf Da said...

aw, man, i'm not sure i'd have the courage to publish a sketchbook... do you get to pick and choose the drawings, from various sketchbooks?

Katy Hargrove said...

That's the whole reason why I do it though. To push myself to be a bit braver about my work. Even this blog is here for that reason. Trying not to hide, trying to get over being a shy artist. Then continuing to push out from there, going to conventions, talking to people in the flesh, that sort of thing. No reason to be shy.

The sketches in Rawr are from different sketchbooks and also digital drawings. Basically everything I liked from that year, plus a few pieces I liked enough to include from previous years. I'll be making another book for the sketches of 2010.

Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate them! It's encouraging.