Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Note about scissors

Quick note on scissors: If you do a lot of cutting it's likely you've abandoned shears in favor of a rotary cutter and xacto blades. While those are awesome tools that I also use a lot, I'd like to say that getting a good pair of large scissors does wonders for cutting. I actually get better detail and control with good scissors than I do with xacto blades.

I love Kai scissors. Right now I have a Kai 7230 and it is perfect. Yes they are 60 dollars, but I'd go through that many 8 dollar pairs in a couple of years. A couple of years of blisters and bruises and pinched nerves from crummy scissors that don't stay sharp very long. Kai's are well balanced, comfortable, and cut awesome. The only downside I've noticed is that they are so sharp you have to be very careful with them.

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