Friday, February 12, 2010

color WIP

A little bit of color tonight before heading to LA.
Funshine ahoy!

I'm trying very hard to learn to paint with pure color. In the past I have tended to use overlays and color picking as a crutch without really understanding my color usage. Those are two very powerful tools, and good ones, but I want to know in my head how to do things without relying on the computer to do it for me. The computer tools even infect the way I use real mediums. With acrylics I do a lot of washing over greyscale images instead of direct painting with color. While I like painting this way in acrylics and like the effect of it; I feel like I'm forced to paint that way as well because I don't know color and how colors influence each other. I'm in search of control and understanding. Oddly control should lead towards more freedom. It's all very neat to mull over.

I adore the way these guys use color. It looks so fun!


A. P. said...

You're right, Katy! painting with pure color is a very useful skill indeed!
Interesting, that when I learned painting, they taught us to paint like this, since we painted mostly watercolor, -that means it's impossible wash over grayscale...
So, good luck to you in this endeavor! :)

Tom Scholes said...

Gorgeous !!!