Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dragon Hunters color wash and detail

Added orange details to the big dragon and knocked them back with a yellow wash. Added white highlights and knocked them back again with another yellow wash. I used a black sharpie to pick out some extreme dark areas on the foreground characters. Added color washes and some white highlights to them as well. I think it's looking better. I'm a little worried that this approach is causing me to work harder than I need to to get the result I want. Time will tell.

Right now I'm thinking about contrast. The foreground will have the highest contrast. Our brains register that first, so I want people looking there. I need to do some work to bring that out. Also, the background is still higher contrast than I like. I need to knock it back some more. Maybe a thicker white wash, then some more thin yellow to warm things up again.

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Zav said...

By the way, how big is it?