Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whats with the quagmire and fauns?

Well, I'm not completely sure. I thought about that question a little bit and this is the best answer I've got.

The fauns are probably coming in because of the influence of Yaxin and the Young Minotaur. They are really friendly to draw and just want to be drawn. I've never drawn much of this kind of creature in the past, so maybe that's also why. A new form to explore.

The quagmire, well I guess that is something like creation. It's nothing until pulled into existence. The fauns encouraged it into life. It hasn't figured out what to be yet. It's just curious and a little icky for now. Sounds familiar.

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TankDragon said...

Quagmire and fauns... the art gears are turning... Time to draw!

Thanks for sharing! :)