Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fish are friends

Matt gave this to me today because I kill plants and fish like no ones business. I kill mint and beta. That's just sad. My family comes from farming and animal raising backgrounds. So I'm not sure how I happened in all that. Anyway, here's to owning a beta again!

Edit: So if you know you're a fish killer why risk killing more fish? Well, my bird loves aquarium/terrarium life. When I had turtles and lizards he'd spend hours hanging out on their cages, being a jerk. Since our second bird died of fatty liver he's been extra crazy, which means he's lonesome and bored. It's difficult to socialize him with other birds. It took a long time before he accepted Jubes, but then they hit it off. I'm hoping Mr. Yet To Be Named Fish will keep his mind healthier. Plus I really like having a fish around. They have loads of personality. Weird fish personality.

I'm planning on making a little platform that attaches to the outside of Taz's cage so that he can look at the fish all day. Far enough from the bars that he can't chew on it. Covered so that he isn't dumping food and bird fluff in it either.

How rad would it be to have a hollow aquarium with a jungle of birds in the center and tropical fish and sharks swirling around it? :D

I'ma frame this business and put it on the wall.

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