Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Recipe

Sooo... Several weeks ago we bought some fresh beets. I decided to cook them today, but the greens that I would have used for salad were beyond floppy. They weren't rotting or anything yet so I couldn't throw them out. I decided to try cooking them in a pan and the random recipe I made up actually worked out to be very very tasty! It brings out the sweetness with the awesome contrast of bacon! My Southern side is showing... :)

Beet Greens

Washed greens from 3 large beets (this is a great recipe for wilting greens, you could probably use it for collard greens and other tough stemy veggies too)
2 tbs Butter
2 tbs Olive Oil
3 tbs Precooked Ground Bacon
Black Pepper

Cut beet greens into 1in pieces, stems and all.
Heat butter on medium high heat until melted and bubbling.
Stir in beet greens. Keep moving greens around in pan so they don't burn. ( I will let them rest in a pile, then stir and turn them, then pile them up again)
When butter is absorbed add olive oil and bacon.
Cooking time is about 10 minutes or until stems are tender.
Add salt and black pepper to taste.

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