Sunday, November 23, 2008

DIY Squid Hat

I finally got the squid hat sewing pattern together this weekend! This album includes the pattern you need to make your very own squid hat friend.
By the way... Squid hats will attract a lot of positive attention, mostly from cute girls. You listening fellas? I'm trying to help you out here. :)

Supply List:
Polar Fleece (about 2 feet)
All Purpose Thread
Velcro or snaps
Large Craft Eyes (I used 35 mm)

There are two really simple ways of modifying this pattern. You can alter the shape of the ends on the big tentacles and top fin, like turning them into hearts! Also, making the backsides of the fabric an alternate color and adding alternate color appliques(spots, stripes, stars, etc.) will give the hat more dimension.

The next one I make I'm going to try to find some conductible thread to make light up eyes. I'll probably drill a hole in the black eyes and insert an LED there.

Word of warning:
If you make your own and make a white one be aware that people sometimes think it is a KKK hat at first. I've gotten a few angry people up on my grill wearing the white one, but mostly the reactions are very positive and people know what it is.

I just added an instructable for this pattern here!