Thursday, June 5, 2008

Click it!

Walk cycle for class.

Not that this lil guy is going to impress AN-E-ONE, but it's not as terrible as I thought it would turn out. I actually like the leg movement. Head has too much up and down and the arms are a bit too swingy(which would be okay if they were slowed I think). I'll try to brush it up more if I can find time. For some reason early summer always gets stupid busy.

Somewhere in the distance I can almost hear Bobby whispering "Hand drawn!"


Bobby Pontillas said...

If by whispering in the distance, you mean cheering & screaming right behind you AS you draw.....then I can hear it too!

Great start Katy!

Matt said...

Holy geez! My first walk cycle didn't look nowhere this put together! Wait...did you just do this last night? After the playoffs!! I'll get you Katy! I'll fix your wagon good!!!

Rad! keep it coming!