Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thanks so much to everyone who came and met me at Sakuracon. It was the first time I ever really tried selling my art in person and I was overwhelmed by all the positive feedback. I still feel light headed from the convention and it's not all due to being tired, some of that is simply love buzz. Sitting next to Kristen, Anna and Peter was a big positive during the con.

I was very very scared to do this and now I'm feeling much braver.

Please leave a response to this post if you saw me there!

Sakuracon 2008

Here is a link to many Sakuracon pictures!


Bobby Pontillas said...

Cool Katy I didnt know you were showcasing there! I saw many dressed up folks on the Bremerton Ferry. Fun pictures, those cardboard gundams are epic!

Anna said...

Hey Katy! It was so much fun sitting next to you guys, I never enjoyed a convention this much! I'm going to treasure all the art I got from you, and I'll scan the dragon you drew for me on the postcard :)

And I'm really not this fan-girly towards everyone, but your work is truly inspiring. I hope you won't mind if i bug you in the future, because I'd love to stay in touch!

Peter Mohrbacher said...

Hanging out with you and the other cool kids was the absolute best part of Sakuracon. Meeting you really inspired me to push my art in new directions. Hope getting back to your job wasn't too much of a bummer after such a great weekend.

See you next year (or maybe sooner :3)


Robin Hall said...

Oh mannnn Katy!!! Your Etsy store is excellent!!!! I'm going to have to get me some of those paper wedges soon!

Glad to hear you had fun at the con!

sstadnicki said...

Yay! I only today saw this, but I did bump into you at the con -- I was the guy who pestered you for the adorable self-portrait with squid that you did -- and it was amazingly cool! I'd never seen your stuff before but I'm definitely trying to keep an eye out now. Good to see you!